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Why I became vegetarian?

Why I became vegetarian?

Now this is a very strong document that I’ll probably hold for a couple of years. 2020-03-14 Fábio Martins asked me why did I became vegetarian? Was it because of friends? Did I ever though about going vegetarian when I was younger?

Unfortunately, I somehow developed a social mechanism that prevents me to talk what I really think to people. My opinions are mostly based on a large circle of events (like probably everyone else), and I always tried to fully explain it to people, which often resulted in dis-interest.

The same thing happened at the same place with Bia, who asked me the meaning of my triangle tattoo.

In order to try to prevent that, I’m going to try to summarize my motivations and my beliefs in small topics to make it easier for people to understand

So, really, why did I went vegan?

  • Self Improvement
  • Self Control
  • Environment
  • Compassion with Animals
  • Good vs Bad of eating Meat
  • Meat History

Self Improvement

Lately I’ve been having a really bad nutrition due to my poor diet rich in meat and whatever else there is on my fridge. When I moved to São Paulo, I used to lunch only chicken steak

Self Control

Stop eating something so tasty is very hard. Mainly because of 3 things.

  1. Is a very high font of fat and protein making your body crave for it
  2. People around you won’t stop doing it, making it a not supported by society habit
  3. Eating meat is probably already a habit, therefore stop eating meat, is a challenge that evolve not only you changing your habits but discovering a hole new way to live, including recipes, new places to visit, new people to meet and etc…


Meat is very hard to make, a cow consumes way more grains and water than humans, If we think that each human eat a cow per-week, which would cost way more water and grains, than if we actually feed the humans instead of cattle. Also, cows are responsible for 60% of the global warming, due to methane emission but mostly due to the area that cattle need to live.

Compassion with Animals

Including all the topics mentioned above in the environment section, we can add that cattle grow is a business, therefore treating animals as slaves, where they are born to die, and every single part of it’s life is passed through suffering.

We know animals have feelings, why do we make them suffer so much? Is that really necessary? How can we convince a greater civilization than humanity that eating and slaving humans is wrong, since we do that with our own animals, who aren’t capable of defending themselves?

Good vs Bad of eating meat

When I separated the good and bad of eating meet it resulted in something like this

Good and Bad of Eating Meat

Meet History

Our vegetarian ancestors started eating meat because they couldn’t go through the winter since there wasn’t any food. Meat was a necessity

Meat is also associated with

  • Heart Decease
  • Cancer