Caio Amaral

Why feedback matters

Why Feedback Matters

In this chapter the book explains the importance of giving constant feedback. The book shows that feedbacks are a key part of improvement, weather you want to get better or make more money, weather you’re a person or a company, feedback is always important.

Overcame your fear of giving feedback

Giving feedback is hard for a bunch of reasons, maybe you think someone will judge you by your feedback or just stop being your friend. In fact those things can happen. But giving good feedback can help you prevent those situations. What is good feedback? You’ll get to know a few chapters ahead.

Feedbacks are positive

Feedbacks are corrective

Here are somethings you can try

  • Aimed at doing good work and be great at problem solving
  • Show your directed reported and colleges that you’re concerned about them, and their performance
  • Signal Appreciation
  • Redirect bad behavior
  • Motivate
  • Create a better course of action
  • Contribute to other learnings
  • Foster work collaboration
  • Improve team work

Good feedbacks that people hear and use have these effects.

What makes feedbacks effective?

In order for your feedback to be heard and used, you need to deliver them in a good manor at the right time.

  • Shared frequently and in context
  • It is aimed to achieve an specific outcome
  • It is realistic on it’s expectations
  • It shows respect for the recipients
  • It is a two way conversation
  • It is expressed as a point of view rather then an assertive truth
  • It assumes an opportunity for followup