Caio Amaral

The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0

The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0

Much like computers, people and society have their own operating system. A set of rules and habits where they lay the foundation off their actions on.

A long time ago, society used to run on what is called Motivation 1.0__, an operational system where hunger and sex is the most important thing therefore the main drive of all our actions.

🍖 Motivation 1.0 is all about Survival

🥕 Motivation 2.0 External Rewards and Punishments

🧠 Motivation 3.0 Intrinsic Motivation

Some time after that we started running the Motivation 2.0 system, where rewards and punishments are the main drive for most of our actions. That worked fine for routine 20th century tasks. But in the 21st century Motivation 2.0 have shown to be incompatible with how we organized what we do, how we think about what we do and how we do what we do. It’s time for Motivation 3.0