Caio Amaral

The 10 Principles of Building a Second Brain

The 10 Principles of Building a Second Brain

A quick summary in few very understandable topics to help you remember.

Borrowed Creativity

  • Use other’s work
  • Treat the internet as a collective conscience

The Capture Habit

  • Write things down!
  • Takes notes about everything you can

Idea Recycling

  • Re-visit your old ideas and refine them in multiple ways

Projects Over Categories

  • Use projects to organize your notes/tasks

Slow Burns

  • Don’t try to finish everything at once
  • Make problem solving a habit, not a task

Start With Abundance

  • Look at your previous notes and thoughts and start from there instead of researching everything again

Intermediate Packets

  • Divide your projects into small tasks
  • Make your system in such a way that it can tell you what can you do in 40 minutes for example

You Only Know What You Make

  • Put your knowledge at practice
  • Create things, share things

Make Things Easer for Your Future Self

  • Write your notes down as you and your future self are totally different people
  • Do things that will help your future self.
  • Think of your future self as somebody else.

Keep Your Ideas Moving

  • Don’t stop learning
  • Keep evolving
  • Keep your brain moving