Caio Amaral

Spaced Studying


Study is the best thing we can do! It empower us with knowledge, and shows us different ways to think and act.

Information as a Flow

As Tiago Forte say, we’re constantly studying and discovering new information. Our monkey brains is not ready to understand and process the information in the speed of the modern days. We consume a lot of information making it hard for our brains to understand and process the information.

Alura courses say pretty much the same. To understand and use some new knowledge we need time for our brains to compute, and really understand.

Learn How You Learn

Felipe Deschamps reported on a video collaboration with Guilherme Pato, that learning how he learn was a very important step on getting better at learning. Right now Felipe Deschamps uses a technique similar to Flash Cards but with more practices in a wider space of time.

This technique takes advantage of the brain plasticity.